How to Use Aloe Vera Oil for Hair Regrowth
How to Use Aloe Vera Oil for Hair Regrowth

Organic Aloe Vera Hair oil can be very beneficial in promoting hair regrowth because of its numerous healing benefits.
Scalp Massage: Aloe Vera Oil:

Massage the oil to your scalp and leave it for 5-10 minutes before washing your hair with warm water. This assists in increase in blood flow thus enabling hair growth as well as improving overall circulation in the area.

Leave-In Treatment:

Let the oil remain on your scalp for at least a half an hour before washing your hair as described earlier. For even better outcomes, apply the mask and let it stay on until the next morning while you are asleep.
Wash: It is wise to use a mild soap to wash the hair well to ensure all the oil is wash off the hair.
Casting lights on the Benefits of Aloe Vera Oil for Hair
Promotes Hair Growth: It has enzymes which cut and remove dead skin cells that surround the hair roots in the scalp thus aiding in hair regrowth.
Reduces Dandruff: These are good to discourage the generation of dandruff and soothes the irritated scalps.
Strengthens Hair: Aloe vera’s vitamins and minerals built hair strands solidity and decreases hair brittle and hair loss.
Moisturizes Scalp: Marula oil also included sweet almond oil which gives deep nutrient with carrier oils like coconut or olive to nourish the scalp.
The many benefits of this power packed homemade aloe vera oil include ability to nourish the scalp, improve hair growth and overall fitness of the hair.

Coming up with homemade aloe vera oil for hair regrowth is a natural method that one has to involve in in order to utilize the natural aloe vera and carrier oil on the head area. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your own aloe vera oil at home:Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your own aloe vera oil at home:


– Cut young tender aloe vera plant only the leaves

– Base oil or dilution oil (which may include coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil).


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   Cut the Aloe Vera Leaf:It is recommended to use a large and preferably a new and healthy stem of the plant. Saw it to or near the bark using a sharp knife.

   Rinse the Leaf:** Make sure that you wash the underneath side of the leaf properly so that you can get rid of any dirt or dirt similar material.

   -Extract the Gel:** Take a knife or spoon and cut the leaf lengthwise and then take out the semitransparent jellylike substance. Make sure you do not use yellowish latex of belts as it causes skin irritation to patients.

 2. Here is a preparation of Aloe Vera Gel.

   Blend the Gel: After the removal process is complete, transfer the gel to a mixer and blend until it comes out as a paste. This also helps to remove any bumps and also for easy incorporation of the oil which is to be added later.

 3To do this mix Aloe Vera gel and Carrier oil together.

   Mixing Ratio Use a 1:The mixture was finally ready at a amount of one part aloe vera gel to one part carrier oil. For instance, if one is shaving aloe vera gel the amount of one cup, then one would also add one cup of the carrier oil.

   Combine Ingredients: By means of another clean glass jar to mix the aloe vera gel and carrier oil well. Then return to the stove and stir well to make sure the gel is single well in the oils.

 4. Infuse the Mixture

 Heating: The second method is to gently heat it in a saucepan with water covering it halfway (double boiler) for about 2 hours. This is perhaps helpful in bringing out the healing properties of aloe vera into the oil.

Cooling: After roughly two hours, take the jar out of the saucepan and let it cool to the ambient temperature.

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