5 Collagen-Boosting Foods for Healthy Skin
5 Collagen-Boosting Foods for Healthy Skin

Skin’s elasticity or the capacity of the skin to go five, six, and seven ways is due to collagen. When people grow old, their body synthesizes little collagen to provide elasticity to the skin hence formation of wrinkles and Sagging skin: Opportunely, some foods can grow collagen in the interior of the human body naturally, and thus the skin becomes healthy and young-looking. Here are five top collagen-boosting foods to contain in your diet.
Bone Broth
Benefits: Bone broth is thus well endowed with collagen, which is extracted from the bones and connective tissues on application of heat during preparation. It is used in meals and it helps to bring back the collagen in skin hence giving it an elastic nature that erases most of the wrinkles.

How to Use:
Consume one cup of bone broth daily or alternatively, incorporate it in formulas for soup and stew. You can also sprinkle it on sauces or gravies if you want to increase the toughness of the collagen.
Citrus Fruits
Benefits Most citrus fruits are rich source of vitamin C which is important in the synthesis of collagen. Among the functions that are ascribed to Vitamin C is that it is involved in formation of collagen where it acts as a stabilizer for the collagen molecule.
How to Use:
You may eat citrus fruits fresh alone or with other foods such as in a salad bowl, in your blender, or take oranges as a snack. It is also possible the use it in dressings or marinades in a limited amount as it has stated above.
Leafy Green
Carnots like spinach, kale and Swiss chard are antioxidant and vitamin compounds including vitamin C and chlorophyll. It enhances the formation of an amino acid that leads to the formation of collagen in the outer layer of the skin thus giving it protection from reckless ranches from UV light.
How to Use
To include it in the diet, consider taking fresh vegetables throughout the week in the form of salads, smoothies, and stir fry. They can also be incorporated into soup recipes, or acted as the base to the green juices.

Fish and Shellfish
Benefits: Fish and shellfish, over all, especially the fish with skin and bones as the salmon, mackerel and sun dried sardines contain the omega 3 fatty acids and collagen. Omega-3s are important to ensure that the body cell membrane is healthy or in other words which keep your skin healthy and moist.
How to Use:
Try to incorporate fish into your diet through grilling it, baking or frying it in steam. Shake a few fillets of fish on salads and pastas or throw them into stews for an extra nutritional value. Consequently, antibodies that topical collagen also remain absorbed when collagen is consumed through the skin of the fish that is eaten.
Benefits: The berries that are advisable include strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries because they have antioxidants and Vitamin C which help in developing collagen, and they are anti-free radical foods. The presence of ellagic acid in berries provides the body with the ability to prevent collagen from being broken down due to effects from the UV radiation.
How to Use: Perhaps you can take them as a snack, mix berries to yogurt, oatmeal and other partners like smoothies. They can also be used to make cakes, biscuits or as a garnish on top of an array of desert meals.
Just as these food increase the collagen in your body or skin, including these foods in your diet can greatly enhance your skin. One of the ways that this book explains is by ensuring that you take a well balanced diet with the nutrients mentioned above will go along way in helping your body produce collagen naturally hence tighter and youthful skin. It will be necessary to underline that it is essential to integrate these foods into your diet and consume them often for the best outcomes.

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