Top 5 Most Popular Anime in India

Like Shin-chan? Watch this 1991 Pogo channel anime about Hagemaru - a young boy with hilarious money-saving ideas!


One Piece has a huge island where 17-year-old Luffy becomes a pirate to make friends, explore exciting places, and find One Piece with his team.


In this anime, Kankichi creates new gadgets to make money with mixed results, similar in comedy to Shin-chan. It was aired on Disney, Hungama, and other great channels.


Crayon Shin-chan is a popular and long-lasting comedy anime with over 1,000 episodes, dubbed in many countries. Everyone knows 5-year-old Shin Chan!


Doraemon is a fantastic cat robot with futuristic gadgets that he uses to help Nobita whenever he's in trouble. He was sent from the future to prevent Nobita's future from being in danger. Doraemon's mission is to make Nobita's future brighter by fixing his past.