Boruto: 6 Darkest Abilities, Ranked

Baryon Mode: Last resort against Isshiki. Drains life force on contact. Vital but costly; took Kurama's life, leaving Naruto bereaved

Baryon Mode

Delta's Destruction Beam, crafted by Amado, unleashes an unstoppable chakra attack. It can blind foes and bypass regeneration, making it a lethal ability.

Destruction Beam

Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan grants him powerful abilities, including Amaterasu—an inextinguishable black flame that incinerates foes.


Kashin Koji's True Fire of Samadhi: A deadly Fire Release technique created by Amado using Jiraiya's DNA. It overwhelms regeneration and can be used remotely with objects like kunai.

True Fire of Samadhi

Boro's Dark Mist: Deadly gas, paralyzes victims. Resistant to dispersal, bypasses Karma. Can be enhanced with gunpowder for more damage.

Dark Mist

Chakra: Essential for techniques. Disrupting it is powerful. Rinnegan in Naruto absorbed chakra, while Karma in Boruto does the same, making it a formidable ability.

Chakra Absorption

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