The Last Guardian, released in 2016, won awards but divided opinions. It features puzzles with an endearing yet frustrating creature. Its legacy compared to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus is uncertain.

The Last Guardian

LocoRoco 2, a 2007 PSP platformer, improved on the original with new powers. Playing as a planet is a unique concept. Tilt the world to guide the LocoRoco through challenges.

LocoRoco 2

Patapon, a beloved PSP game, blends rhythm and strategy for a unique adventure. Greg Miller, Kinda Funny co-founder, praises it. Finally on PS4 in 2017 after fan requests. A must-play for PSP.


Ape Escape, a niche gem from Japan Studio, stars Spike in a mission to wrangle mischievous apes. Released in 1999, it's known for inventive gadgets and precise analog controls.

Ape Escape

Gravity Rush, a standout action-adventure, features an endearing protagonist, Kat. Originally on PS Vita (2012), later on PS4 (2015). Created by Keiichiro Toyama, known for Silent Hill and Siren.

Gravity Rush

Ico, a 2001 PS2 surprise, offers a unique emotional experience. While not as famous as Shadow of the Colossus, it holds great importance in gaming history.



Astro Bot Rescue Mission, a 2018 PSVR gem, redefined platforming in virtual reality. A magical experience that stands out in the VR gaming niche.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission


Shadow of the Colossus, a 2005 gem by Japan Studio, is their most cherished release. The colossal battles as Wander add a special touch. The 2017 PS4 remake by Bluepoint Games lets modern gamers experience this beloved classic.

Shadow Of The Colossus


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