6 Forgotten N64 Games Developed By Nintendo

Ridge Racer 64, though debuting on a Nintendo console in 2000, struggled to find its audience. Released before the GameCube, it faced challenges.

Ridge Racer 64

The New Tetris, a technically advanced version for Nintendo 64, introduced real-time rendered locations but failed to leave a lasting legacy in the series.

The New Tetris

Mischief Makers

Mischief Makers, a unique 2D sidescroller for the Nintendo 64, stood out in 1997. Despite praise for design and graphics, it remains a forgotten gem without sequels or re-releases.

Sin and Punishment, a praised rail shooter for Nintendo 64, had stellar graphics. Despite limited release, Nintendo supported it, but it didn't match the popularity of other franchises.

Sin And Punishment

Blast Corps, an early N64 game by Rare, marked an important moment for the console. While not as popular as their later titles, it showcased the company's potential.

Blast Corps

Bomberman Hero's 3D platforming departure on the N64 in 1998 faced mixed reception, impacting the franchise's evolution in recent years.

Bomberman Hero