5 Best Characters That Debuted On The SNES

Diddy Kong, introduced in 1994's Donkey Kong Country, brought agility and playful charm to the franchise. With his nimbleness and clever tricks, he quickly became a fan favorite and a pivotal character in the Donkey Kong series.

Diddy Kong

Marle, the spirited princess of Guardia in Chrono Trigger, captivated players with her longing for adventure and depth of character. Armed with a crossbow and potent magic, she provided a dynamic gameplay experience, showcasing power, resilience, and heroism in this 1995 RPG classic.


Captain Falcon, the face of Nintendo's F-Zero series, burst onto the scene in 1990, known for his tough persona and the iconic Blue Falcon. His enduring fame was sealed with the infamous Falcon Punch move in Super Smash Bros.

Captain Falcon

Crono, the silent yet selfless hero of Chrono Trigger, won hearts with his unwavering dedication. His dramatic sacrifice at the Ocean Palace remains a memorable moment in gaming history.


Fox McCloud, the intrepid leader of Star Fox, won hearts with his fearless space adventures and unwavering sense of justice. His colorful personality and intriguing backstory solidified his status as a beloved Nintendo character.

Fox McCloud