10 Hardest Bosses In Hollow Knight, Ranked

Lost Kin, a hidden dream boss in Hollow Knight's Ancient Basin, offers a challenging encounter with precise timing and continuous enemy spawns. Defeating it rewards players with 400 Essence.

Lost Kin

Failed Champion, found in Hollow Knight's Forgotten Crossroads, provides a challenging encounter with higher aggression and damage. Defeating it rewards players with 300 Essence

Failed Champion

Hornet, an iconic boss in Hollow Knight and star of Silksong, presents a memorable and challenging clash in Green Path. The Kingdom’s Edge encounter elevates the test with faster moves, parrying, and spiked balls.

Hornet (Sentinel)

Markoth, a formidable Warrior Dream boss in Hallownest's Kingdom’s Edge, presents a tough challenge with quick and hard-to-dodge attacks. His teleportation, spinning dream shield, and relentless nail firing demand concentration for victory.


The Mantis Lords in Hollow Knight's base game offer a memorable challenge. In the Godmaster DLC, facing The Sisters Of Battle in the Pantheon of Hallownest elevates the difficulty, requiring precise gameplay.

Sisters Of Battle

Nightmare King Grimm, the final boss of The Grimm Troupe DLC in Hollow Knight, presents a dramatic and challenging battle. This dream version deals double the damage, testing players' reactions and patience.

Nightmare King Grimm

Grey Prince Zote, an unexpected and challenging boss in Hollow Knight, tests players' skills with relentless attacks in his Dirtmouth home. Can be challenged up to ten times with increasing health.

Grey Prince Zote

Great Nailsage Sly, from Hollow Knight's Godmaster DLC, is a formidable boss in Dirtmouth. With an oversized nail and swift, powerful attacks, he poses a significant challenge.

Great Nailsage Sly

The Pure Vessel in Hollow Knight's Godmaster DLC is a formidable upgrade of the base game's final boss. Unaffected by infection, it tests players' reactions and patience with a range of challenging attacks.

Pure Vessel

Absolute Radiance in Hollow Knight is a formidable final boss, known as one of the toughest encounters in gaming. Found at the peak of the Pantheon of Hallownest, it requires defeating 42 bosses prior to facing it, making it an ultimate test of player's abilities.

Absolute Radiance